Priority queueing of tasks to one or more workers.

Workers can run asynchronously in the main thread (workers.AsyncWorker, for non-blocking tasks), in one or more threads (workers.ThreadWorker), or on one or more subordinate Python processes (workers.ProcessWorker).

Module base The TaskQueue and its immediate support staff.
Module errors Custom Exceptions.
Module info Information about callables and what happens to them.
Module interfaces The worker interface.
Module iteration Iteration, Twisted style!
Module misc Miscellaneous stuff that is needed for test_wire and nothing else.
Module null A dead-simple TaskQueue that queues up and runs non-blocking tasks in the Twisted main loop.
Module process An implementor of the IWorker interface using (gasp! Twisted heresy!) Python's standard-library multiprocessing.
Module tasks Task management for the task queue workers. The star of this show is TaskHandler, which is what turns base.Queue into a base.TaskQueue.
Package test Unit tests for asynqueue
Module threads ThreadQueue, ThreadWorker and their support staff. Also, a cool implementation of the oft-desired deferToThread, in ThreadQueue.deferToThread.
Module util Miscellaneous useful stuff.
Module va I provide a ready-made convenience object for all your Python version agnosticism needs.
Module wire WireWorker and its support staff. For most applications, you can use process instead.
Module workers Implementors of the interfaces.IWorker interface. These objects are what handle the tasks in your base.TaskQueue.
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