A TaskQueue that runs tasks on one or more subordinate Python processes.

I am a TaskQueue for dispatching picklable or keyword-supplied callables to be run by workers from a pool of N worker processes, the number N being specified as the sole argument of my constructor.

Static Method cores
Method __init__
Method stats No summary

Inherited from TaskQueue:

Method __len__ Returns my "length" as the number of workers currently at my disposal.
Method __bool__ I evaluate as True if I am running and have at least one worker.
Method isRunning Returns True if shutdown has not been initiated and both my task handler and queue are running, False otherwise.
Method shutdown You must call this and wait for the Deferred it returns when you're done with me. Calls Queue.shutdown, among other things.
Method attachWorker Registers a new provider of IWorker for working on tasks from the queue.
Method detachWorker Detaches and terminates the worker supplied or specified by its ID.
Method qualifyWorker Adds the specified series to the qualifications of the supplied worker.
Method workers Returns the worker object specified by ID, or None if that worker is not employed with me.
Method taskDone Processes the status/result tuple from a worker running a task. You don't need to call this directly.
Method newTask Makes a new tasks.Task object from a func-args-kw combo. You won't call this directly.
Method call Queues up a function call.
Method update Sets an update task from func with any supplied arguments and keywords to be run directly on all current and future workers.
Method _getWorkerID Undocumented
def cores():
ReturnsThe number of CPU cores available. (type: int)
def __init__(self, N, **kw):
ParametersNThe number of workers (subordinate Python processes) initially in the queue. (type: int)
kwKeywords for the regular TaskQueue constructor, except callStats. That enables callStats on each worker.
def stats(self):

Only call this if you've constructed me with callStats=True. Returns a Deferred that fires with a concatenated list of lists from calls to ProcessWorker.stats on each of my workers.

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