Example script goldstein-price.py: The Goldstein-Price test function.

Runs as many subordinate python processes as there are CPU cores to solve the Goldstein-Price test function using asynchronous differential evolution. This will happen very fast on a modern multicore CPU!

You need to compile the C code first by running the following command:

gcc -Wall -o goldstein-price goldstein-price.c

It's worth looking through the API docs for the objects listed below (and of course the Python and C source) to familiarize yourself with a clear and simple usage of ade.

Class ExecProtocol I am a Twisted process protocol for communicating with a process running an executable you've compiled, via STDIO.
Class Runner I manage one executable.
Class MultiRunner I manage a pool of Runner instances.
Class Solver I solve a compiled test equation using asynchronous differential evolution.
Class GoldSteinPrice_Solver I solve the Goldstein-Price test equation.
Function main Called when this module is run as a script.
def main():

Called when this module is run as a script.

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