Examples for ade.

After installation of ade, run the ade-examples command to extract these example files to a subdirectory ade-examples of your home directory, creating the subdirectory if necessary. It will not overwrite existing files, so feel free to modify the examples. Delete a modified example file (or the whole subdirectory) and run this again to restore the default file.

Module data The Data object handles downloading (if necessary), decompressing, and reading data files for the thermistor and voc examples.
Module goldstein-price Example script goldstein-price.py: The Goldstein-Price test function.
Module thermistor Example script thermistor.py: Identifying coefficients for the resistance versus temperature model of six thermistors.
Module voc Example script voc.py: Identifying coefficients for the open-circuit voltage of an AGM lead-acid battery over time.
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