Example script thermistor.py: Identifying coefficients for the resistance versus temperature model of six thermistors.

This example reads an eight-item-per-line CSV file. Each line contains: (1) the time in seconds from some arbitrary starting time, (2) the temperature in degrees C, as read by a trusted temperature sensor, and (3-8) the resistances of six thermistors, measured at the known temperature.

Then it uses asynchronous differential evolution to efficiently find a nonlinear best-fit curve, with digital filtering to match thermal time constants using the model implemented by Evaluator.curve.

Class TemperatureData Run setup on my instance to decompress and load the tempdump.csv.bz2 CSV file.
Class Reporter An instance of me is called each time a combination of parameters is found that's better than any of the others thus far.
Class Evaluator I evaluate thermistor curve fitness.
Class Runner I run everything to fit a curve to thermistor data using asynchronous differential evolution.
Function main Called when this module is run as a script.
def main():

Called when this module is run as a script.

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