Example script voc.py: Identifying coefficients for the open-circuit voltage of an AGM lead-acid battery over time.

This example reads a two-item-per-line CSV file. Each line contains: (1) the time in seconds from some arbitrary starting time, (2) the battery voltage with no charge or discharge current.

Then it uses asynchronous differential evolution to efficiently find a nonlinear best-fit curve.

Class BatteryData Run setup on my instance to decompress and load the voc.csv.bz2 CSV file.
Class Reporter An instance of me is called each time a combination of parameters is found that's better than any of the others thus far.
Class Evaluator I evaluate battery VOC model fitness.
Class Runner I run everything to fit a curve to thermistor data using asynchronous differential evolution.
Function main Called when this module is run as a script.
def main():

Called when this module is run as a script.

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